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We strive to provide an excellent client experience by being responsive and collaborating effectively.

Every engagement revolves around four elements:


Each client balances the four elements differently. Be candid with us about what’s most important to you so we can tailor the engagement to meet your needs and provide you with an outstanding outcome.

ImageArb's name arose from this concept:

You think you’re communicating well and positioning your firm or strategy attractively, but does the person across the table really understand your approach and how it can help them add value to their portfolio? We provide knowledgeable objectivity to close any gap that may exist between your “pitch” and what you really want your prospect to take away from your conversation. Our clients have spent their careers valuing investment opportunities and managing portfolios, not writing storylines and creating collateral. We are here to help shape your message so you can focus on what you do best.

Image [im-ig]

the personality presented to the public by a person or organization.

Arb [arb]

a professional whose trades address disparities in the value of assets across markets, often resulting from the imperfect dissemination of information; an arbitrageur.

Perfection is the enemy of excellence. We work hard to bring your vision to reality while providing guidance and insight along the way. We also believe it’s possible to lose perspective and ‘pursue perfection’, which ultimately undermines your business. Our goal is to provide an outstanding deliverable on a timeline that helps you meet your objectives.

“Rather than simply redesigning our presentation, ImageArb helped us rethink our messaging. The direct experience their team has in alternative assets not only contributed to a superior final product but also made for a seamless process. We saved time in the creative process and gained concise, compelling messaging. While I expected ImageArb to deliver marketing materials with a cleaner, more contemporary look and feel, the greater benefit of working with the team was clear communication of our firm’s points of distinction and the value we present to our limited partners. They were easy to work with, hit all of our deadlines, and consistently added value to every step of the process.”

Eric Gruseke
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